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About Flash Player stop supporting solution! Empty About Flash Player stop supporting solution!

Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:31 am
Dear Lord
  It is reported that Adobe will officially terminate support and stop the Flash Player software in January 2021. After that, Adobe will not release any updates or patches for flash software. At that time, some players may not be able to play the game normally. At present, we have paid close attention to the development of HTM5 to ensure that players and friends can continue to play normally. lol!

IF you are unable to play the game now, we suggest you try the following methods to temporarily solve it:

Method 1:

Recommend browsers(360, Sogou, Cheetah CMCM, Tencent browser etc.)

Method 2:

Download the Flash lobby version and enter the URL to play, which is simple, convenient and fast (but currently, only supports China)
Download LINK:

Method 3:

Completely solve the problem that Flash Player cannot be used after expiration (strongly recommended)
1. Enter Flash China official website:
2. Choose Other platform versions
3. Select the operating system corresponding to the computer
4. Select the Flash version according to the commonly used browser (as shown in the picture)

ActiveX: It is a compatible mode suitable for Internet Explorer and most browsers.
NPAPI: Applicable to FireFox, Safari (Apple), Opera (Oupeng).
PPAPI: Applicable to Chromium (Google), Edge (included with win10), the speed mode of most browsers.
5. After downloading and installing, restart the browser to play

For reference to the decomposition step legend, please click:
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