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《Chaos of 3King doms 》PC version 1.1! Empty 《Chaos of 3King doms 》PC version 1.1!

Fri Feb 05, 2021 12:07 pm
Dear Lord:
As Adobe completely stopped the technical support and development of Flash Player in January 2021, some users were unable to log in to the game through the WEB. The development team has been committed to the development of the H5 page after learning the news. However, due to the large amount of work, the development work has not been completed so far, we will continue to carry out the development work, please look forward to it.
Since the operator of FlashPlayer in mainland China (Chongqing Zhongcheng Network Technology Co., Ltd.) is still providing technical support and updates, players in mainland China can still log in to the game using the web terminal. Now, we release the PC version of "Chaos of 3King doms" to ensure that the affected overseas players can play normally.
The current PC version supports full server login, but when a new version is released, you need to uninstall the old version installed on the computer before downloading the new version to install it. Therefore, we recommend that players in mainland China continue to use the web or mobile to log in to the game.


PC version download Link:

PC version installation steps:
1. Click the link above to download the compressed package of the application installer (including game program and Adboe AIR program)
2. When installing for the first time, you need to deploy the Adobe AIR installation environment. After decompressing the files, please install Adboe AIR first
3. Install Chaos of 3King doms, this process takes a long time, please do not click repeatedly, please wait patiently (1-5 minutes)

4. If the Adboe AIR prompt pops up (please ignore the prompt)

5. Application installation process
①Choose the installation location
②Agree to the user agreement
③Waiting to install the application

6. Installation is complete (log in to the account to play)

7. Version change
When the new version is released, please go to the Control Center-Application to uninstall the installed old program, and then follow the above steps to download and install the new version, otherwise you will not be able to experience the latest version of the game content.

Customer Service:
① Mail:
②After the webpage enters the game, click "在线GM" in the upper right corner to get timely customer service

Thank you for your support and attention to 《Chaos of 3Kingdoms》, I wish you a happy game! cheers  cheers  cheers
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