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[Update] February 8 10:20-11:30 update (X1-X999)! Empty [Update] February 8 10:20-11:30 update (X1-X999)!

Sun Feb 07, 2021 11:56 am
Dear Lord: lol!
  In order to bring you a better gaming experience, we will shut down the server to update, please arrange the online time. If the operation is completed in advance, we will adjust the server opening hours and will not issue another announcement. Thank you for your attention and support to the game, and I wish you a happy game!

Updated: February 8 2021 10:20-11: 30(UTC+8)
Update range: x1-x999
Update form: stop service update

update content:
1. Tongjak Terrace
① Added "Wang Yi" beauty to reduce the probability of buildings being destroyed.

② Added "Queen Queen" beauty to increase the probability of destroying enemy buildings.

2.,the military flag
①Kirin flag, Kirin Banner, up to 14 levels, provide absolute attack and absolute defense percentage attributes.
②The Kirin flag, the Kirin Banner, the Rosefinch flag, and the Rosefinch Banner can all be purchased in the store.
①The daily grain transportation is adjusted to 5 times
②Turn off the robbery and escort functions of grain trucks

4.meritorious stunts
① "Meritorious stunt" is added to the central city, providing absolute attack, absolute defense, normal attack, normal defense, tactical attack, tactical defense, strategy attack, strategy defense, and percentage attributes. Also +First Strike, +Force.
②The highest merit of the central city is 500.
③ "Meritorious stunt" is up to level 100, and "Meritorious stunt" can be upgraded once for every 5th level of merit. The higher the level, the better the attributes provided.

5. New Map
①Reduce the difficulty of the first two maps of the newly added map
②Add two maps
③Map reward: Treasure

6.New Hero
①Hero name: Zuo Ci·God
② Hero type: strategic attack
③Hero Skill: Shenlong Heavenly Fall (All): When full of energy, attack all the enemies 3 times, each time causing a 7th level strategic attack with a 7th level absolute attack, and at the same time heal a small number of troops, the less the troops, the more damage High, it can be resurrected once after death. bounce  bounce
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[Update] February 8 10:20-11:30 update (X1-X999)! Empty Re: [Update] February 8 10:20-11:30 update (X1-X999)!

Thu Feb 11, 2021 2:42 pm
Shjtty event, we want that event from the old server back. For all f2p and p2w.

The long journey back there, and you just gave little gold payback.I'm f2p and obviously didn't have anything good thing back. Spend a lot of time farming 5 golden armor, 5 golden weapons, 5 golden cloaks, 3 golden horses. Take almost three years. A ton of relic, full gold coin, flag almost 8 and 9,max research, unlock all beauty and max lvl, max base and all buildings. Max enhance, max tech.
Now I have to do it all over again?
Another 3 year?
Fuk this shjt.
And all shjtty event just for p2w.

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