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COTK new server and CDKEY related instructions! Empty COTK new server and CDKEY related instructions!

Wed Jul 08, 2020 1:20 pm
Hello Lord:
Recently, we have received feedback from many players, and it is unclear how to enter the COTK server and how to use the x3 gold CDKEY. Now we will explain through this announcement!

How to enter the new COTK server:
1. Register a new account:
①You must use an email address to register an account. Mobile phone number registration is not supported
② Log in to the email you entered to view the verification code, and copy and paste it into the registration interface (this verification code is not CDKEY, only used for account registration)
③Set password
④Confirm password
⑤ Successful registration
2. Login account:
In order to quickly log in to the game in the future, please bookmark this website.
3. Enter the game:
①After completing the above operations, you can get the server list on the left side of the page, click "COTK-x999[NEW]" to enter the game
②Or use the COTK server link to enter:

4. The old server will completely shut down all services on July 15, 2020, and then will not be able to enter the game
5. We expect all players to enter the new COTK server. When you come here, you will experience lively, powerful, competitive, passionate and preferential. The COTK team welcomes and awaits your participation! !

Description of Gold x3:
1. Before the old server is shut down on July 15th, as long as the logged-in account will get CDKEY
2. If 10,000 gold coins are recharged in the old server, entering the COTK server will get 10000x3 gold or even more.
[Tips] We will not issue all the gold in x3 at once. Therefore, the gold coins obtained after using CDKEY are only a small part of x3. The remaining gold coins will be directly distributed as gift packages instead of CDKEY. Please continue to pay attention to the gift packages in the new COTK server.
3. Even if there is no recharge of gold coins in the old server, we will also give a CDKEY
4. CDKEY will be delivered through the mailbox in the old server game, please check the game mail
5. Everyone will get a unique CDKEY, CDKEY can only be used in the new COTK server, can not be used by other servers
6. The account in the new COTK server can only be used once for CDKEY, and does not support multiple uses
7. Each CDKEY can only be used once
8. If you have multiple CDKEYs in the old server, it is recommended that you register the same number of new accounts to use these CDKEYs

How to use CDKEY:
1. Get CDKEY in the old server game mailbox
2. Create a role and enter the "COTK-x999" new server
3. Click the gold ingot button on the right side of the avatar frame
4. Enter CDKEY under the PayPal button
5. After using CDKEY, click the gift pack button to view the gold coin pack

【Special Note】
1. All the above operations must be completed at 12:00 (GTM + ⑧ ) on July 15th! Yes, this is not a joke!
2. If you encounter problems during the game, you can contact, we will help you as soon as possible.
3. Obtain on the mobile terminal:
Android App Link:
IOS App Link:

but, currently only Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are supported, and other languages ​​are still being produced. We will release them as soon as possible. Thank you for your support and attention to "COTK", and I wish you a happy game! cheers cheers[/color]
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