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Chaos of 3Kingdoms' 2022 Year of the Tiger has a shortcut to fame! Empty Chaos of 3Kingdoms' 2022 Year of the Tiger has a shortcut to fame!

Fri Dec 31, 2021 10:38 am
Dear Lord.
With the warm sunshine in winter, we are about to usher in the Year of the Tiger 2022 in the atmosphere of the sound of firecrackers resigning the old year with good gifts and good luck, and also the 11th year of acquaintance between "COTK" and messy friends. Chinese New Year has been, since ancient times, the most auspicious and auspicious important festival of reunion among the Chinese nation once a year.
In this festival, COTK" 2022 Year of the Tiger Chinese New Year version, will be specially launched full of new ideas and blessings of the new version of the multiple welfare activities, will bring players into the most original taste of the Three Kingdoms world to experience a more realistic hegemony history, so that each galloping chaos of the players can feel the strong festive atmosphere.
At the same time, the follow-up will also be open to activities exclusive service (regular deletion, no recharge, gold high rebate, high benefits for all), military flag fusion, equipment transmission ancient and many other versions of the Year of the Tiger. Version specific content, please subject to the subsequent announcement!

1. Hero customization, point fingers between the success of fame and fortune!
【Activity time】
January 1, 2022, 0:00 - February 15, 2022, 23:59
【Activity range】
【Activity rules】
1. To participate in the event, you must have accumulated 300,000 gold coins under your account during the event time.
2. Priority ranking according to the accumulated recharge gold amount, if the recharge amount is the same, then according to the recharge time ranking.
3. The player who ranks 1st in cumulative recharge will get the hero customization right and the "Winning Thousand Miles" gift pack.
4. Players who rank 2nd-3rd in the cumulative recharge ranking will receive Hero Fragments and the "Rise of the Hordes" gift pack.
5. Players who ranked 4th-10th in cumulative recharge will receive Hero Fragments and "Towing the Light" gift pack.
6. The ranking rewards will be issued before 19:00 on the day when the customized warriors enter the artifact mall for the first time.
7. Hero customization rights include.
Hero free use; hero name customization; hero skill design; skill name customization; hero profile description; hero recommendation reason description; hero bond naming right.
In the above naming and description vocabulary, no abusive, provocative, personal attacks, political, bloody violence, reactionary and divisive words shall be used, subject to the staff audit.

2. The chaotic world produces heroes, the actual battle produces strong soldiers!
【Activity time】
January 31, 2022, 0:00 - February 6, 2022, 23:59
【Activity range】
【Activity content】
1. During the Palace event, X1-X129 and X999-COTK will open data common
2. According to the ranking of February 6 20:30, the top 50 players will be given ranking rewards
3. Palace can only upload one formation per day, please be careful to release
4. Please pay attention to the ranking situation on February 6, to prevent ranking more than 50 and miss the reward qualification.
5. Ranking rewards will be issued by February 14, 23:59

There is never a shortage of heroes in the chaotic world, but with all the heroes rising up, who is the real "head of the table"?
As a hero of the chaotic world, there is competition to progress, there is a comparison to know the high and low. The true strongest are the ones who dare to face the challenges head on. My Lord, please come with me on horseback to face the battle, so that the sand beacon fire to refine your indelible true strength!
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