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Android /IOS /PC App LINK Empty Android /IOS /PC App LINK

Wed Jul 08, 2020 1:33 pm
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online service:Enter the game interface, click "在线GM" in the upper right corner and select "匿名聊天" to get in touch with the COTK administrator.

《Chaos of 3King doms 》PC version

Android App Link(Rev:1.30.000)20.10.2022:

IOS App Link(

IOS fact sheet:
At the request of the China Press and Publication Administration, the App Store will completely remove applications that do not provide a publication number in January 2020.《乱世天下》The application version number is the publication number that was not issued by the Bureau of Publication in 2011, and only technology and digital document numbers can be applied for. Therefore《乱世天下》App has also been removed by Apple, and we are currently negotiating with relevant units and looking for a solution.
If you have《乱世天下》Please don’t uninstall the program if you don’t have it on your phone, it is recommended that you can find and download it in the purchased items in the App Store《乱世天下》This version cannot display the contents of version and later versions normally. If you need to experience this function, it is recommended that you log in to the game or download the Android version through the web terminal. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you!

应国家新闻出版署要求,App Store2020年1月全面下架未提供出版物号的应用程序,因《乱世天下》申请版号为2011年当时版署局未发布出版物号,仅能申请科技与数字的文号。故《乱世天下》App也被苹果公司下架,目前我们正在与相关单位协商并寻找处理办法。
如您手机上现在有《乱世天下》的游戏请不要卸载程序,如手机上没有,建议您可以进入App Store已购项目中查找并下载《乱世天下》。该版本无法正常显示1.26.1.0版本及后续版本的内容,如果您需要体验该功能建议您通过网页端登录游戏或下载安卓版本,对此给您带来不便敬请谅解!

中国新聞出版局の要求に応じて、App Streeは2020年1月に出版物番号のアプリケーションを提供していません。だから「乱世天下」Appもアップル社に下ろされました。今は関連会社と協議して解決方法を探しています。

English :
Note:Due to the version change, mobile phone users must update to the latest version in time, so as not to cause some functions in the game not to work normally or the progress bar stops at 78% state when logging in the game! In addition, affected by Apple's audit, the actual update of IOS version shall be subject to the app store.

註:由於版本的變化,移動端用戶須及時更新至最新版本,以免在登錄遊戲時造成遊戲中某些功能不能正常工作或進度條停止在78%狀態!另外,受蘋果審核影響,IOS版本實際更新以app store為準。


注:バージョンの変化によって、モバイル端末のユーザーは適時に最新バージョンに更新しなければなりません。さもなければ、ゲームを登録する時、いくつかの機能が正常に動作できないか、またはプログレスバーが78%で停止されます。また、アップルの審査の影響で、IOSバージョンの実際の更新はApp storeに準じる。

Android /IOS /PC App LINK -yee-210

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