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Out of print generals, Recharge to send! Empty Out of print generals, Recharge to send!

Thu May 06, 2021 1:51 pm
【Activity time】
After 0:00 on May 1, 2021-23:59 on May 8, 2021

【Scope of Activities】
X1- X666, X999

During the event period, a total of 15,000 gold coins will be recharged in multiple days. After the event is over, Gan Lady·God can be obtained!

皇后恩赐:战斗开始时增加自己的防御力将大幅度减少1回合内受到的所有伤害。同时,随机提高2支部队的所有攻击和防御力持续1回合。 回合期间将随机增加本方1支部队的士气,同时随机降低1支敌方部队的能量,并有几率眩晕1支敌方部队。

Skill introduction
Queens Gift: At the beginning of the battle, increase your own defense and greatly reduce all damage received within 1 round. At the same time, randomly increase the attack and defense of 2 people for 1 round. Each round will randomly increase the morale of 1 troop, reduce the energy of 1 enemy troop randomly, and have a chance to stun 1 enemy troop.


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